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Wash n Gloss Gift Voucher

*Car sizes applicable, if you are unsure of the vehicle size please ask prior to booking. Vouchers must be paid for at the time of booking.

Can't think of what to buy for a loved one or family friend?
Does their car need a good clean?
Well why not buy a "Valet Voucher"

Birthdays, Mothers & Father's day, Christmas or just maybe to thank someone. Check out the prices then just select Voucher from the price list menu. For this he/she will get an Xtra Care valet.

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Professional Valeting Price List

We like to provide the best Manteinance Cleaning, Gloss paint protection and other valeting services for all types of vehicles. Motorbikes. Cars. Vans. Minibuses. Caravans. Motor homes. Mobile catering trailers and bigger if needed. This is a bit like your every day wash. However, at Wash 'n' Gloss we only use "safe methods" and high quality products.

Maintenance Valet

Maintenance Valet

This is a bit like your every day wash. However, at Wash 'n' Gloss we only use "safe methods" and high quality products. This is how we do it:

  •   Non toxic wheel cleaner applied for additional soak time
  •   Ph balanced Snow Foam applied through a Jet Wash
  •   High pressure rinse
  •   Two bucket "safe Wash" with soft cloths
  •   High Pressure Rinse
  •   Soft cloth drying towel
  •   Wheels and exterior plastics dressed
Small Car £12
Medium £14
Large/SUV £20
4x4 £20
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Mini Valet

Mini Valet

A complete Maintenance valet plus:

  •   Your car will be thoroughly vacuumed including the boot space.
  •   Mats cleaned and brushed
  •   All interior plastics cleaned and dressed
  •   Door shuts cleaned (excluding boot if heavily soiled)
  •   Glassed cleaned inside and out
Small £20
Medium £25
Large/SUV £30
4x4 £35
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Extra care Valet

Extra Care Valet

This ones a little treat for your loved car. A complete maintenance valet followed by:

  •   Detail brushing of all badges and exterior branding
  •   All door shuts cleaning thoroughly including the boot shuts
  •   Interior & exterior glass cleaned & polished
  •   A single coat of wax

During the rinse process a coat of Aqua wax will be applied.This is a Carnauba based wax which will give a stunning shine and protects all surfaces. So you will get double the wax.

Small £40
Medium £45
Large/SUV £50
4x4 £55
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Gloss service Valet

Exterior Gloss session

So....you want a shiny car, That show room look? try this one. Maintenance Valet to start.

  •   Chemical decontamination to remove all the unseen toxins in the paint.
  •   Clay bar with detailing spray. It is what it says. I will gently rub a special grade of clay against the paint work which will then remove any remaining toxins and tar the Chemicals did not remove.
  •   Then a single coat of Carnauba wax or one of your choice. This can take 4-6 hours.

Your car will look "glossy".

Small Car £60
Medium £70
Large/SUV £100
4x4 £120
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Superior Valet

Superior Valet

Everything...!!! I will need to have your car all day to do this. You get what you pay for and you wont be disappointed.

  •   Maintenance valet
  •   Interior detailed
  •   Upholstery/carpets washed and/or Leather cleaned and leather balm applied
  •   Chemical decontamination
  •   Clay bar with Detailing spray
  •   Machine Polishing if required to remove slight swirling
  •   HD Wax applied by hand
Small £110
Medium £155
Large/SUV £175
4x4 £210
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extra services

Wash 'n' Gloss Extras

  • £20 - Pet hair removal
  • £20 - £25 - Carpets and mats shampooed
  • £35 - £45 - Upholstery Shampooed
  • £60 Soft top clean and waterproof
  • £20 - £35 - Head light restoration (MOT Failure)
  • £20 - £30 - Engine bay de-grease & dress
  • £20 - £35 - Motorbikes
  • £45 - Caravan under 5m in towing length
  • £55 - Caravan 5.1m to 7m in towing length
  • £65 - Caravan 7.1 to 8.5 in towing length
  • £5 per meter - Caravan over 8.5 plus
  • £25 - Minibuses Exterior
  • £15 - £20 - £30 - Vans
  • £25 per hour - Paint correction machine polishing
  • £55 - Fabric Hydro Guard by EZ car care
Extra care Valet

Boats, Caravans & Motorhomes

  •   Exterior washing
  •   Black spot and algea removal
  •   Carpet shampooing
  •   Machine polishing
  •   Chrome and brass work
  •   Fabric/canvas washing & dyeing
  •   Deck washing
Please call to arrange an appointment to assess your requirements.
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