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Wash 'n' Gloss Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for booking with Wash n Gloss.
Please take a momment to read the below. By receiving/reading these T's & C's you are accepting them and their contents.

  • Quotes for your valeting are based on me not seeing the vehicle and any additional charges listed below must be paid for.

  • Should the vehicle be heavily soiled either inside or out, or both, there is an additional charge of £8 for the exterior and £10 for the interior.
    This is to cover additional products and time taken to clean. Every day road dirt is ok but vehicle's that have not been cleaned for some time are classed as heavily soiled.

  • This includes slim and algea/black spot build up on window sills, and body panels & heavily soiled door shuts.
    (Not applicable on Superior Valets)

  • Double storage floors in either the boot or passenger areas must also be declared at the time of booking if this is to be cleaned. This also will be charged an additional fee of £5. (Not applicable on Superior valets)

  • Spare tyre wells are an extra to all valeting levels but can be cleaned on request. Please ask.

  • Engine bays are NOT part of the any valet but can be requested prior to work commencing.
  • Alloy wheels and wheel trims.
    Due to the nature of dirt and damge that can occur to wheels and trims, plus previous agressive cleaning methods, Wash n Gloss accept no responsibility for damage caused to them. This includes lacquer peeling.

  • Plastic exterior trim that requires recolouring back to black will be charged a fee depending on how much needs to be done.

  • Pet hair is NOT part of being heavily soiled and the process to remove it takes time. This will be quoted on seeing the vehicle.

  • Child seats are to be removed and reinstalled by the owner as I can not be reaponsible for the security of it.

  • Wash n Gloss accept no liability for loss to property inside the vehicle.
  • All appointments booked that result in a "No show" will be charged £20 on the next appointment.

  • We are insured to be working on your vehicle but we will not take responsibility for damage caused to vehicles whilst pressure washing and valeting due to a loose Body work part. A scenario of this would be if we were pressure washing your car and a badge came off where it has been taken off before or just came loose' we will not be held responsible for replacing this part.

  • If payment is being made by BACS (bank transfer) Please ensure this is done within 24hours. Administration charges will apply for non recepit of payment after 7 days. I do accept cheques however any cheque(s) that "bounce" will have an additional administration charge of £5 added.

  • Vehicle damage must be given in writing to Wash n Gloss within 24 hours of completion of the valet and any claim in respect thereof must be made in writing to the Wash n Gloss within seven days of completion of the service.

  • Should you have any questions or queries please ask.